If you have started using Funnel CRM and want to get your partner or team members in on the action too, you can send them an invite. 

Note: This function is only available to Admin Users.

Go to Users

Click the ‘Add New User’ button on the top right side of the screen.

This action will take you to the ‘Create New Team User’ page. From here, you can add new users to your account.

Enter first name and last name of the person you wish to add.

Then, assign them a role in your company Funnel CRM account. Click here to learn how to add a role.

Enter their email address and click ‘Add User’ to finish.

Note: You can add more users by clicking the ‘Add New User’ button.

Things to Keep in Mind

If your invited users have never signed up for Funnel CRM before:

They will receive an invitation email from Funnel CRM. The link in the email will allow them to sign into the Funnel CRM company account once they set their own password.

In case, your invited users have signed up for Funnel CRM before, and are still members of another Funnel CRM account:

They will get an email notification that they have been added to your Funnel CRM company account.

They will use the same login credentials that they have set earlier and will be able to switch between the two accounts by using the ‘Change’ company option in the top right corner of the screen.

Note: Funnel CRM is billed by the number of team members in the company Funnel CRM account. Adding a new user may adjust the cost of your Funnel CRM subscription if doing so increases the number of users in the account. Click here to learn more. 

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