One of the best features of Funnel CRM is the way it makes it so easy to grow and maintain your customer database. Traditionally you would need to manually enter your customers’ information, each and every one of them. This is not a problem when that’s your job, but you know you as a small business owner or a freelancer have more important things to do.

Funnel CRM will automatically take your contacts’ basic information and create a profile for them based on what they enter into your forms. You can update this information whenever you like.

  • Have an up-to-date database of people who have contacted you about a business opportunity
  • Contacts have profiles, and Funnel CRM will even add their picture whenever possiblePowered by Gravatar
  • Organize your contacts with tags and funnel autocomplete
  • All contacts keep a history of previous and related deals for quick reference
  • Leave notes for yourself on customer profiles, useful for remembering birthdays, attaching important files, jotting down important information.
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