Not all email is the same. You don’t want your work-related messages mixed in with your mom’s vacation photos. Funnel CRM creates so called “deals” for you, which are inquiries for your products or services, or potential deals.

No longer do you need to search through your inbox in order to find important messages, they will be right here in Funnel CRM properly labeled with the stage of the sales process they are in.

  • All your work inquiries have a special place where they reside in Funnel CRM
  • Reply to messages just like through email, your customers’ messages will be safely stored in your Gmail account
  • Attach files to messages
  • Deals are labeled by their stage in the sales process: new, negotiation, won, lost
  • Easily spot deals with unread messages
  • Know when and if your customers have opened your replies
  • Add and remove people from deals and know who is participating
  • Mark deals as won or lost
  • Leave notes for yourself within deals that are not sent to your customers
  • Create deals manually
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