All websites need a contact form, and Funnel CRM lets you build one, and integrate it with your website in a couple of easy steps.

Using our form builder you can structure your form without any required technical knowledge. Once you’re done, all you need to do in order to start receiving inquiries is to paste a couple of lines of code where you want the form to appear within your page.

Code Your Own Forms

Alternatively if you know your way around HTML, you can code up a form of your own and make it POST to a specific URL. This way you keep control over the markup and styling, while still sending deals into your Funnel CRM.

Catch-All Email Address

On the other hand, if you're not too keen on forms at all, Funnel CRM provides you with a special email address that you and your customers can send a message to, which will be converted into a deal.

  • Add a title and intro text to your forms (optional)
  • Set submit button text
  • Choose the wording of your confirmation message, or redirect the user to a specific web address upon successful form submit
  • Use basic form fields to build your form: short text, long text, multiple choice answers, single choice answers, dropdown select
  • Code up your own contact forms
  • Prefer simple mailto links? No problems!
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