Funnel provides all users with an extremely simple form editor, anyone can use to create their contact forms.

You can edit an existing form at any time, add, remove or rename fields. Keep in mind that there are some fields that all forms must have, and therefore cannot be removed (but can be renamed), these are:

  • name used for your contact's name,
  • email used for your contact's email address,
  • subject used for the name of the deal.

You can rename those fields, though so you can match the language to your site. Also editable are the confirmation message, button labels, form description, and form hints.

There is a special field called "Company" that if included in your form will be used to populate the company information about your contacts when they submit the form.

You can reorder the form fields within any form by dragging and dropping a field to the desired position within the form.

Form Title, Description and Form Hints

Form description and title are textual form elements that come before the form fields.

Form hints are elements that each individual field can have. They are meant to be used for help text for that particular field. If you don't want the form field to have a hint simply leave the field blank.

If you leave the form description, or any field's hint empty they will not be rendered within your form.

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