First thing you need to do once you start using Funnel is to create a contact form through which your deals will be created. Each time someone submits one of your forms, a new deal is created.

It can be as simple as Name/Email/Subject/Message, or far more complex containing multiple and single choice answers, and as many fields as you'd like. Using our form builder you can structure your form without any required technical knowledge. Funnel has a really simple form editor that will help you with this. 

It is interesting to note for the technically inclined, that all Funnel forms are featuring Uni–Form markup and styles, so if you've ever worked with Uni–Form, you'll immediately be familiar with Funnel forms as well.

Once your form is created, all you need to do is to paste a couple of lines of code you get into your web page or CMS where you want the form to appear within your page, and you're all set.

Code Your Own Forms

Alternatively, if you're familiar with HTML coding you can code up your own form (with your own markup) within your web page, and point it to post to a specific URL. This way you keep control over the markup and styling, while still sending deals into your Funnel CRM, which will in turn create a deal for you.

Catch-All Email Address

On the other hand, if you're not too keen on forms at all, Funnel provides you with a special email address that you and your customers can send a message to, which will be converted into a deal.

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