Apart from their name, email address and company information, you can assign tags and notes to your contacts. All of this information can be edited from the contact's profile page by entering the edit mode for that particular contact.


We suggest you come up with a system that works best for you when it comes to tags, good examples of tagging your contacts is:

  • by type (e.g. connection, headhunter, client),
  • by role (e.g. CEO, team lead, programmer, designer),
  • by status (e.g. worked with, follow-up),
  • by location (e.g. local, EU, USA, NL, NYC)
  • etc.

You can always remove a tag from a contact by clicking on the little "x" icon within it. If you remove the last instance of a tag — meaning that no other contact now contains said tag — the tag is completely gone from your tag list.

Contact Notes

We encourage our customers to use notes extensively, as they are great for:

  • keeping meeting notes and results,
  • keeping a log of contacts with the person,
  • jotting down important information about the person,
  • attaching important documents or files to the contact profile,
  • etc.
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