Funnel has a very handy feature that allows you to simply send an email to a specific “catch-all” email address that's assigned automatically to your account, and that email message will become a deal.

There are only a couple of very simple rules:

  • The subject line will become the deal name.
  • The contents of the email's body will be included as text within your newly created deal.
  • All attachments will be stripped and ignored.
  • If you create a deal via email from an email address your Funnel account is registered with, the deal will not have a contact attached to it, so you need to do it yourself by selecting an existing contact, or creating a new one.
  • This is a perfect way to create deals really quickly while you're on the go from your mobile device, or simply if you don't like forms and want people to contact you by sending you an email from the comfort of their own email client.

Tips & Tricks

Sometimes someone will send you an email directly, inquiring about a project or a business opportunity. The easiest way to get this kind of deal into Funnel is to reply to the email as you would, and add your catch-all email address as BCC. This will create a deal in your Funnel, and add all email addresses mentioned in the email thread as recipients of the deal. From then on you can send a reply form the deal page within Funnel and that will set the reply-to address for everyone involved to the deal's address, and the entire conversation will be recorded within the deal.

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