Each deal is tied to a primary contact that is assigned to the deal.

If you want to add someone to a deal conversation, you can simply do that from the contact list for that deal in the sidebar. Or if you are using your email client to reply just make sure that person is CC-ed to the deal email address. Funnel will get their info, store it in your contacts list, and CC them on every email in that deal from that point onwards.

Additionally, if your contact chooses to CC someone to the email thread — or you do so from your email app — those people will automatically be added to the conversation, and CC-ed every time you send a reply from Funnel.

Should you wish to remove someone from a deal conversation, you can do that from the deal page under the “Discussing With” heading in the sidebar.

People can also unsubscribe themselves from any deal they are a part of using the unsubscribe link found in the footer of every message.

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