In the deal that you are using Funnel in such a way that you need to send out formal proposals to your customers, doing so is really easy and you shouldn't have any problems sending professional proposals in no time.

Sending out a proposal works the same way as replying to your customer's message, only you will be using a “proposal” reply type message, instead of a standard text–only reply.

The proposal reply allows you to create a professional proposal with all usual elements:

  • who prepared the proposal,
  • who is the proposal prepared for,
  • content area that accepts rich text input,
  • currency setting,
  • proposal items,
  • footer.

Content Area

The proposal content is a place that accepts rich text that you can optionally add to your proposal. It's usually used to explain the project, provide information about timeframes, schedules, scope, etc.

Proposal Items

This is the part of the proposal that deals with the actual costs. You are free to define your proposal items as a fixed cost, or as an hourly, daily, or a monthly fee.

Currency Setting

Each proposal can have its own currency in deal you are dealing with international customers. You can always set a default currency from the settings.

Proposal Footer

This is an additional rich text area that you can use to display some additional content, frequently used for the terms that apply to the proposal, and possibly link to a page explaining them. This is usually a good place for any fine print you might want to add to your proposals.

As with the currency, you can set a default proposal footer from the settings screen, and than change that content for each proposal individually.

Bonus Tip:

Should you lose your internet connection, or accidentally close the tab or browser window in the middle of typing up a proposal or a reply to your customer, Funnel will save whatever you have typed in to the form fields, so you don't have to retype and lose precious time.

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