Deals are for the most part created automatically, when people submit the contact form on your website. 

However, there are deals that don't come from your website, and you may want to track them. So here's how you can add these deals, and attach them to new or existing contacts.

Creating Deals Manually

Deals can be created from a couple of places in the app:

  1. Deal listing
  2. Deal page
  3. Contact profile

To create a deal manually, you need to have at least one form. 

If you have only one form, Funnel CRM will automatically use that form to create your deal. 

But, if you have multiple forms, you will need to choose a form through which you want to create the deal.

Once you create a deal manually, your contact will not be notified of this. 

So if you want to initiate a conversation you should do it as a first message (or a proposal) within the newly created deal.

Tip: Use special forms for manual deals

We created a special super-short form used for manually entering deals that aren't originating from your website's contact form. 

It only uses name, email, and project name fields so it's super-quick to fill out and makes it that much easier to keep all deals in Funnel CRM.

If you need to contact the person you've created the deal for, simply send a message from the deal. Easy, peasy!

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